Streaming services for TV shows. Sharing your profile. Title swiping for collections

Streaming platforms enabled for series

A week ago we brought the ability to pick any streaming platform with a single click in order to watch your favourite movies. Today we bring the same functionality to TV shows.

When exploring the series pages, find a show that you are either watching or want to watch. If it’s available for streaming online, you’ll see the logos of such platforms listed below on its page.

Share your Must profile with friends

Getting your friends involved is now easier than ever. If you ever had the desire to make a few recommendations or share movies and series you’ve watched with friends, we’ve made it easy to do.

All it takes is pulling down your profile page or pressing the three dots in the top right corner of your profile page to share your profile directly via social networks or any type of messenger you prefer.

Alternatively, you can copy a direct link to your profile with its movie collection that you can use anywhere you want.

Be a good friend, help your favorite people avoid bad movie experiences by sharing with them what’s good!

Title swiping for collections

In addition, we are releasing a new frequently requested feature — title swiping!

Next time you are going through your want or watched list of movies and series, no longer do you need to go back to your list to open another title to see its details. You can now easily swipe between them while the movie/series card is open, making it more quick and efficient for you to find what you are looking for.

December 3, 2018

Your favorite streaming platform is here

How do ya' like them apples? Now you can watch movies through any streaming platform — iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, PSN, HBO Now, Amazon Prime, Google Play, YouTube, Vudu, FandangoNow, and others — with a single click!

We all have different preferences when it comes to how and where we watch our favourite movies. For this reason we have worked some magic and are now able to direct you to a streaming platform of your choice.

When looking at a movie page, scroll down to see a “Watch online” button. If it’s available for streaming anywhere online, you’ll see the logos of these platforms displayed here. Simply pick the streaming service that works for you and Must will take you to the right page.

We hope it makes finding and watching your favorite content more easy and fun.

Keep in mind that although new movie releases will not be immediately available for streaming, you can still watch them on the big screen. Hit the “buy tickets” button to find and purchase tickets to a theatre near you.

November 30, 2018

Find movies by genres

You’ve asked — we’ve delivered. It is now possible to discover movies and series by genres, and it could not be any simpler!

There are two ways to search the genres: you can do so by launching the Search page or by typing in your favorite genre directly into the Search bar. You will notice that we’ve also entirely rebuilt the Search page.

Below the search bar and the list of currently popular movies you will now find a genres cloud. Scroll them horizontally to find the one you wish to explore further. A list of suggested films and series will be displayed for each selection. Shown directly underneath the genres, you’ll find the profiles of popular actors and directors currently being searched for the most by all members.

Finally, check out a list of suggested members to follow. Those of your friends who joined Must will appear first, followed by other notable members.

As always, we thank you for continuing to send us your feedback. The idea for exploring movies by genre came directly from you — our members. No matter how big or small, each tip gets our attention and each is reviewed, with best ones making it all the way to the app.

Keep enjoying good movies with Must!

November 9, 2018

Must gets Siri-enabled with iOS 12

Along with the release of Apple’s new iOS 12, we are making Siri a part of your Must experience. Ask Siri for a movie suggestion and it will deliver a Must-recommended one tailored to your personal taste.

The cool thing about the new Siri Shortcuts functionality is that it now allows you to setup your own command when asking for a movie suggestion. For example, you can record something like 'It’s movie time', 'Time for a good movie' or even 'What’s the best movie for me to watch' as your personalized phrase, which in turn tells Must to offer you a recommendation.

Apart from a film recommendation itself, you’ll also see your personal Must Match score and your friends’ ratings.

September 17, 2018

The rebranded face of Must

Big news! We have dropped the 'app' from our name and rebranded under a new logo.

As our global community of movie and series fans is growing and our app is getting smarter, stronger and busier, so are our challenges and aspirations. It has been an exhilarating few short months, over which the app has evolved from a simple personal movie list manager to a robust movie social network with an ability to track series and its own breakthrough Must Match movie rating system, among other awesome features.

In other words, we’ve evolved and it is time for our logo to follow. We redefined Must to reflect on our grownup ambitions to be the best social entertainment destination for you, be it via app or other platforms. While the road ahead is filled with many fun ideas and features, the philosophy behind the logo is rooted in simplicity. The new graphical element symbolizes a movie theater screen as it reflects on our undying passion for great movie experiences.

You will note that our new symbol comes in different form factors. We strived for the logo to organically adapt to different environments, which is why graphical elements were designed for each such purpose. On your phones, you will see the icon representing the movie screen. On spaces that are more visible, the word Must will appear instead. Neither of the elements are exclusive to such choosy use, however.

We hope that you enjoy the new rebranded face of Must as much as we do and we hope it becomes a symbolic testament (pun intended) of more great things to come.

Thank you for coming along for the ride!

September 6, 2018
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