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Improving performance

Hi there! Our team will perform technical updates to the product today, which should improve error issues and slow speed. The service will be unavailable for around 24 hours. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to provide you with better performance.

Must paints the picture black

You've been asking for it for a long time. And today, the elusive dark theme is finally here.

Introducing “Today”

Welcome to the new edition of Must. First thing you’ll notice is a different home page called “Today”, while the familiar Explore page has moved to the second tab, which now merges both movies and series content. In this post we explain the thought process and the value proposition behind this year’s biggest update.

Game of Thrones. Live Event. April 14.

The long-awaited megahit Game of Thrones is coming back for its eighth and final season and Must has a special treat.

A quick start guide for new users

If you are new to Must, things may get a little overwhelming at first, especially with so many beautiful movie posters around. To make it super easy to figure out, we’ve designed a quick Get Started guide.

Share Movies, Series or Collections and transfer your movie library

Share Movies, Series or Collections

How to transfer your movie library from IMDb, Kinopoisk or Letterboxd

Use these 3 easy steps to transfer your movie ratings from IMDb or Letterboxd to Must. All ratings will be saved in the order in which they were added.

Как перенести вашу библиотеку фильмов из IMDb, Кинопоиска или Letterboxd

3 простых шага, чтобы перенести ваши оценки фильмов из IMDb, Кинопоиска, или Letterboxd в Must. Все фильмы с рейтингами будут сохранены в том порядке, в котором они были добавлены.

Profile comparison and direct contact

Profile comparison

Must Support


Connect with friends and discover new members

The “Add Friends” feature has gone through an overhaul.