Must gets Siri-enabled with iOS 12

Along with the release of Apple’s new iOS 12, we are making Siri a part of your Must experience. Ask Siri for a movie suggestion and it will deliver a Must-recommended one tailored to your personal taste.

The cool thing about the new Siri Shortcuts functionality is that it now allows you to setup your own command when asking for a movie suggestion. For example, you can record something like 'It’s movie time', 'Time for a good movie' or even 'What’s the best movie for me to watch' as your personalized phrase, which in turn tells Must to offer you a recommendation.

Apart from a film recommendation itself, you’ll also see your personal Must Match score and your friends’ ratings.

September 17, 2018by Maria Prikazchikova

The rebranded face of Must

Big news! We have dropped the 'app' from our name and rebranded under a new logo.

As our global community of movie and series fans is growing and our app is getting smarter, stronger and busier, so are our challenges and aspirations. It has been an exhilarating few short months, over which the app has evolved from a simple personal movie list manager to a robust movie social network with an ability to track series and its own breakthrough Must Match movie rating system, among other awesome features.

In other words, we’ve evolved and it is time for our logo to follow. We redefined Must to reflect on our grownup ambitions to be the best social entertainment destination for you, be it via app or other platforms. While the road ahead is filled with many fun ideas and features, the philosophy behind the logo is rooted in simplicity. The new graphical element symbolizes a movie theater screen as it reflects on our undying passion for great movie experiences.

You will note that our new symbol comes in different form factors. We strived for the logo to organically adapt to different environments, which is why graphical elements were designed for each such purpose. On your phones, you will see the icon representing the movie screen. On spaces that are more visible, the word Must will appear instead. Neither of the elements are exclusive to such choosy use, however.

We hope that you enjoy the new rebranded face of Must as much as we do and we hope it becomes a symbolic testament (pun intended) of more great things to come.

Thank you for coming along for the ride!

September 6, 2018by Alexey Sekachov

Introducing Must Match

The killer of IMDb’s vague user rating. The antidote to Rotten Tomatoes’ curated subjectivity.

Meet Must Match – a new personal rating system, based on ratings of other users with exactly the same taste as you.

When we started Must, we set out to not only create a beautiful and smart social experience for movie watchers, but to tackle key industry issues that we all face. It’s been over 120 years since the first motion picture was shown, we went through industrial, scientific, technological and digital revolutions, yet we still rely on same movie assessment methodologies, which are completely out of date and out of touch with a modern-day movie watcher.

An IMDb user rating does not represent individual taste of moviegoers and is prone to being gamed. Rotten Tomatoes’ curated rating continues to show divide between critics and audiences, fueling the debate on its value. All media sources are stuck on the idea that they know best how we should see a movie. They don’t.

It is why we developed a brand new rating system in which everyone receives a truly personal rating. Must compares your reviews and ratings to other users and, in coming up with a rating, takes into account only those users who have rated the same set of content the same way, or as close to you as possible, making the rating as individual and as tailored to your taste as possible.

In other words, the score that you see under Must Match represents the most accurate assessment of how you are likely to enjoy a movie or a series.

Backed by machine learning and AI, a number of additional variables are taken into consideration as well, furthering the precision of an individual rating. The algorithms that help us in this task are being improved all the time. The more movies you watch, rate and review, the more accurate they become.

Must Match is everything a movie rating should be going forward. We are extremely excited and proud to be the first to challenge the impersonal, vague and subjective rating systems of yesterday.

Go ahead, explore and enjoy your personal Must Match starting today!

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August 16, 2018by Maria Prikazchikova

An improved Android experience on the way

Android fans, worry no more — our team is hard at work at upgrading your experience to the next level!

With the recent major release of MustApp 2.0 for iOS, our objective has been to deliver the same latest goodness to Android as well.

We’ve done some great work so far, but there are many new features and improvements still in production, as we hope to make them available to you at the earliest opportunity. For instance, we are coding away an updated profile page, ability to purchase tickets, social networking features with a feed, and more.

In the meantime, you can enjoy MustApp today with all of its cool features:

  • mark movies and series as watched
  • add movies and series to your want list
  • rate and review movies
  • share your review with friends
  • improved search for movies and series
  • popular movies among MustApp members, that are available in Google Play
  • movies that are currently playing in theaters near you
  • access to curated film collections by MustApp editors
  • a personal profile page with your watched and want lists

We are thankful to those of you who send us your feedback and ideas, which eventually make MustApp better for everyone. In spite of being unable to respond to each message, please be assured that we read and discuss every single one of it.

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July 18, 2018by Maria Prikazchikova

Meet the all-new MustApp 2

We’re super excited to announce that the biggest MustApp update is finally here! Entirely redesigned to make discovering and managing movies and series more fun and intuitive, the new version of MustApp comes with great new features like AI-based recommendations and a new dedicated Series section, among others. 

For you

The Explore tab now includes a new “For you” widget. It contains personal movie suggestions based on your previous ratings, reviews and opinions. The underlying technology, based on artificial intelligence, adapts to how you use the app, continuously learns and updates itself. The more you use MustApp, the more accurate it becomes. The employed AI system is in early beta, so we’ll be happy to hear any suggestions or feedback you may have.


The new Series tab is home to the shows you are watching and the ones you might find interesting. Next episode section works like your email inbox - it displays the series you are watching, and lists them in order of newly released episodes you haven’t yet enjoyed. Use our new Series Tracker to mark episodes as watched, and never miss the new ones when they come out.

All-new design

Having taken a large amount of community feedback into consideration, we’ve rebuilt MustApp from the ground up. The result is a fully redesigned new version of the app that looks and feels more consistent and light, with improved clarity, smooth animations, and better structure.

Good ol’ features still here

Share your ratings and reviews with friends, follow other interesting people, explore our editors’ collections, watch trailers, receive notifications about films on your watchlist, and explore great new movies. And with a fresh new look, it is now easier than ever!

As always, your ideas and feedback are imperative and are always welcome. Feel free to leave your comment below, or drop us an email.

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June 25, 2018by Alexey Sekachov
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