An improved Android experience on the way

Android fans, worry no more — our team is hard at work at upgrading your experience to the next level!

With the recent major release of MustApp 2.0 for iOS, our objective has been to deliver the same latest goodness to Android as well.

We’ve done some great work so far, but there are many new features and improvements still in production, as we hope to make them available to you at the earliest opportunity. For instance, we are coding away an updated profile page, ability to purchase tickets, social networking features with a feed, and more.

In the meantime, you can enjoy MustApp today with all of its cool features:

  • mark movies and series as watched
  • add movies and series to your want list
  • rate and review movies
  • share your review with friends
  • improved search for movies and series
  • popular movies among MustApp members, that are available in Google Play
  • movies that are currently playing in theaters near you
  • access to curated film collections by MustApp editors
  • a personal profile page with your watched and want lists

We are thankful to those of you who send us your feedback and ideas, which eventually make MustApp better for everyone. In spite of being unable to respond to each message, please be assured that we read and discuss every single one of it.

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July 18, 2018by Maria Prikazchikova

Meet the all-new MustApp 2

We’re super excited to announce that the biggest MustApp update is finally here! Entirely redesigned to make discovering and managing movies and series more fun and intuitive, the new version of MustApp comes with great new features like AI-based recommendations and a new dedicated Series section, among others. 

For you

The Explore tab now includes a new “For you” widget. It contains personal movie suggestions based on your previous ratings, reviews and opinions. The underlying technology, based on artificial intelligence, adapts to how you use the app, continuously learns and updates itself. The more you use MustApp, the more accurate it becomes. The employed AI system is in early beta, so we’ll be happy to hear any suggestions or feedback you may have.


The new Series tab is home to the shows you are watching and the ones you might find interesting. Next episode section works like your email inbox - it displays the series you are watching, and lists them in order of newly released episodes you haven’t yet enjoyed. Use our new Series Tracker to mark episodes as watched, and never miss the new ones when they come out.

All-new design

Having taken a large amount of community feedback into consideration, we’ve rebuilt MustApp from the ground up. The result is a fully redesigned new version of the app that looks and feels more consistent and light, with improved clarity, smooth animations, and better structure.

Good ol’ features still here

Share your ratings and reviews with friends, follow other interesting people, explore our editors’ collections, watch trailers, receive notifications about films on your watchlist, and explore great new movies. And with a fresh new look, it is now easier than ever!

As always, your ideas and feedback are imperative and are always welcome. Feel free to leave your comment below, or drop us an email.

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June 25, 2018by Alexey Sekachov

It’s time for TV Shows

Hello, Movie and Series fans! We are glad to introduce you TV Shows!

When Mustapp was launched, we concentrated our attention on movies. Now it’s time to bring in more TV Shows. Welcome our current update.

Track the series you're watching

Now Mustapp users have a possibility to mark episodes and track their progress in a TV Shows card. Also you can mark all episodes of the season as watched and add your mark for each one season watched. We know that often for some reason people forget which episode of a TV Show they left off on. Now you always see which episode is next in your list. The TV show will receive a new status — Watching, and a new indicator which represents your progress for each series.

TV Shows are systematised

Forget about tons of posters in Search. Now you will find only one card of a TV Show where you’ll see all episodes with premiere dates carefully organised by seasons.

All Series are in one place

All Mustapp users now have a fourth section in their profiles. In TV Shows you can see all your series and track what series your friends are watching now or have already watched.

Welcome our new widget

Say hello to our brand new widget TV Shows. Here we present exciting series and fresh seasons of popular TV Shows that were recently released, are on air now, or will come soon. Check it out right now!

This update is only the first step towards improving TV Shows functionality. We want to make Mustapp a universal assistant for Movies and TV Shows and that’s what we are striving to achieve in future updates. The new update is available in the App Store right now. Stay tuned with Mustapp.

October 19, 2017by Evgeny Muravjev



Today is a great day to present Filters, our new feature. In this article we would like to share its most useful properties and to point out how to get the most of movie lists.

From 10 to 1 Stars

Check out which movies your friends rated with 10 or 9 stars. When sorted “From 10 to 1”, Must App will bring up the movies with the highest rate. If you click the “Hide Watched” option, we will hide the movies you already watched.

Similar Wants Only

Find out which movies you want to see with your friend(s). Here’s how you can do it: go on to their profile, turn on the Want list and choose the “Similar Wants Only” filter. Bam! Now you just need to buy a ticket and invite them to a movie theatre 😚

Hide Unreleased & Sort by Release Date

By default the movies in your collection are sorted by the date they were added, but it’s not a very convenient way for the Want list. On the top of the list you’d prefer to see new movie releases, and you’d want to hide the films that will only be in theatres in a couple of years. Now you can easily set it up using filters, and your changes will be permanently saved.

Show Streaming Available Only

We refresh movie collections frequently (okay, at least now we do), and people often tell us that it’s complicated to figure out which of the movies you can watch right now. With the “Streaming Available” filter the app will show you only the movies you can buy in iTunes store right away (we’ll add more streaming platforms later on).

That’s not all our filters can do; we also have the IMDb ranking filter, the filter of most anticipated movies, filter by date added, the “Hide the Watched” filter, and many others. We’ll gradually add new options of filters and eliminate the ones least used. Give us your feedback on Telegram or Facebook — we do read all of it, we promise.

August 8, 2017by Evgeny Muravjev


New UI and Navigation


Every day we strive to find better solutions and simplify the interaction between movies and people. Today's update is a small step for Must App to become closer to you and quickly solve your everyday problems.

The first thing we did was add a tab bar. We know that since new sections appeared in the application, the navigation in it became more complicated. We gave up the top menu in favor of the tab bar. It's much easier to switch between Explore and your library now. Moreover, now all the notifications about your friends appear in a separate tab. The notification section tells you about your friend’s events in relation to films (watched, wants to see, liked and so on) and personally to you (likes, mentions, comments).

We want Must App to become the best and only way for you to learn about new content, communicate with your friends, create something new in the cinema world, add movies to your collections and much, much more.

Second of all is a new profile screen. It's cleaner. It's better. It's faster. It's stronger. You will love it at first sight. You might even want to make a screenshot of it and post to Instagram. Settings, followers and your rating are hidden under the profile pic — just tap on it.

Third — we have made little tweaks and improved the interaction with Must App. We also got rid of numerous bugs on the way. While working on it, we found new bugs yet and fixed those as well. We are grateful to everyone who leaves reviews in the App Store and gives us their feedback — you simply cannot imagine how much it motivates the whole team and helps us make the product better.

Updated and improved Must App is already available in the App Store.

June 26, 2017by Evgeny Muravjev
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