January 30, 2019

Connect with friends and discover new members

The “Add Friends” feature has gone through an overhaul.

It is now easier and more fun to find your friends and explore new members to follow. We have categorized members by gender, as well as provided a dedicated tab to view and search among friends that you already follow.

To get there, tap the little gray person icon in the top left corner of the home screen.

Once on the search page, explore other Must members by gender, or click “Contacts” to see those you are already connected with. If you are looking for someone specifically, you can narrow the search by choosing the proper filter.

Apart from the improved search capability, new friends of yours that join Must will always be displayed first upon visiting the “Add Friends” page.

We are really excited to continue connecting people that love watching movies and series, engaging in conversation, forming stronger ties and discovering great entertainment in the process.

Stick around as we have even more fantastic new features on the way!