October 7, 2019

Introducing “Today”

Welcome to the new edition of Must. First thing you’ll notice is a different home page called “Today”, while the familiar Explore page has moved to the second tab, which now merges both movies and series content. In this post we explain the thought process and the value proposition behind this year’s biggest update.

Must DNA

Let’s first reiterate that Must has always been about two things: friends and neural networks, designed to learn and recognize one’s taste in entertainment content. It’s been the place to quickly find what to watch, where to watch it and who to watch it with. And of course it’s also been the place to find out what is being watched by others. Every section of the app and every button has a function serving that mission.

So when something isn’t working to its full potential, the frowning face emoji is coming out to play. That’s exactly the mood the Explore section has been placing everyone in. With time it became more evident that the crowd-favourite section was not reflective of the dynamic nature of the entertainment industry and did not keep up with its exciting pace. It’s not every day that a certain movie catches on a trending vibe. As a result, the Explore section would appear almost static with changes noticed once a week or so, sending you, our users, to other sections and parts within the app. If Must were to better reflect the vibrant industry, proper changes were necessary. For this reason, we are moving the Explore page into the second tab position and in its place are launching an intelligent and interactive “Today” feed.

How it works

“Today” posts all the newest and trendiest movie and series releases, trailers, teasers and other videos ⏤ in a single feed and in real time!

Must aggregates all video-based entertainment content from all sorts of sources around the world, and with the help of proprietary Must Score, filters and weeds out stuff that is trending. In turn, this forms the new “Today” feed, allowing you to not miss a single new release and video, and to keep an eye on stuff that’s making waves right now.

For close to two years Must has been relying on posters as a visual way to transcend what that content is going to be like. On one hand it, it does the job just fine. But on the other, we aren’t going to be watching static images. So why not offer the absolute best visualization of a product itself by giving a little taste of what’s it like on the “inside”? We’ve done exactly that. “Today” was designed to feed brief 5-second video clips to showcase the new movie, series and other videos. Something grabbed your interest? Watch the full trailer by tapping on the video, or hit the title to bring up an information card.

This is an exciting new chapter for Must and we’ll be happy to share its results, should you find it interesting to know.

What’s next?
It’ll sound corny AF, but we want Must to satisfy all your entertainment needs (in a large sense of the word) when it comes to stuff you love watching: movies, series, videos, etc. We believe that friends, being our biggest influencers, always take it to the next level. Which is why we strive to create an experience where you can not only find out about the latest releases, but also see friends’ reviews, most relevant collections, personal recommendations ⏤ all in a single place!

In the near future we hope to add the capability to discover and share videos from YouTube, Twitch and other popular video services.

Dear peeps! Although we cannot answer every single message we receive, we want to once again assure you that we read every single one sent through email, AppStore or Facebook. Thanks so much for finding the time to send us your thoughts, experiences and requests ⏤ it’s what makes Must better for everyone! Alternatively you can also leave a comment below.