June 26, 2017

New UI and Navigation


Every day we strive to find better solutions and simplify the interaction between movies and people. Today's update is a small step for Must App to become closer to you and quickly solve your everyday problems.

The first thing we did was add a tab bar. We know that since new sections appeared in the application, the navigation in it became more complicated. We gave up the top menu in favor of the tab bar. It's much easier to switch between Explore and your library now. Moreover, now all the notifications about your friends appear in a separate tab. The notification section tells you about your friendโ€™s events in relation to films (watched, wants to see, liked and so on) and personally to you (likes, mentions, comments).

We want Must App to become the best and only way for you to learn about new content, communicate with your friends, create something new in the cinema world, add movies to your collections and much, much more.

Second of all is a new profile screen. It's cleaner. It's better. It's faster. It's stronger. You will love it at first sight. You might even want to make a screenshot of it and post to Instagram. Settings, followers and your rating are hidden under the profile pic โ€” just tap on it.

Third โ€” we have made little tweaks and improved the interaction with Must App. We also got rid of numerous bugs on the way. While working on it, we found new bugs yet and fixed those as well. We are grateful to everyone who leaves reviews in the App Store and gives us their feedback โ€” you simply cannot imagine how much it motivates the whole team and helps us make the product better.

Updated and improved Must App is already available in the App Store.