December 3, 2018

Must app experience expands to web

Today we bring Must app to the web.

If you don’t have your phone at your fingertips, but still need a quick access to your Must account, we have expanded the features available via website.

Login to your account on our website and you’ll be able to not only view your lists of movies and series, but you can perform a lot of the familiar actions: search for movies and series, add them to your want list, rate and review watched content, read reviews, watch trailers or just lookup information like synopsis or cast.

It is also very easy to recommend and share any unit of information, be it a movie page, a show, your personal review or profile — directly with your friends, by simply copying the URL of the page you are on.

Our goal has always been to make Must experience as accessible as possible. Being able to use our entire library of movies and series on both mobile and web provides flexibility that hopefully makes managing your entertainment more easy and fun.