February 6, 2019

Profile comparison and direct contact

Profile comparison

Compare your movie taste with your friend or anyone else through this brand new feature! As long as you and the other member have watched and rated at least 25 movies, there is a super fun way to discover your compatibility.

Visit a profile page of your friend or someone you are interested in, hit the "Compare" button displayed below and voila ⏤ find out whether you match like Bonnie and Clyde or like Punisher and Ace Ventura!

Results are based on things you share, including movies you both watched and loved, as well as those you both want to see. You'll also find a few suggestions of films that you can watch together, based on shared high Must Score.

Let the new social experience begin

Oh the excitement! It’s about time Must has become a lot more social. Tell the world about yourself and what you are into through a brief profile bio.

Whether you are a blogger, a filmmaker, a foodie, a photographer, a dancer, a philanthropist, an actor, a gamer, a student, a business owner or a professional ⏤ find like minded people to follow who also share the love for watching movies and series.

To make things even more exciting, we also give you the ability to contact a Must user directly through a social messenger of choice, if a user adds that option. We start with the support of the following messaging platforms: Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram.

Visit your profile settings (top left corner of your profile page), introduce yourself to the world and add a contact method of your choice.

We are happy to deliver on a feature that many of you have been asking us for for a while. But it doesn’t stop here. Stay engaged, continue enjoying great shows and movies as bigger and badder features are on the way!