August 16, 2018

Introducing Must Match

The killer of IMDb’s vague user rating. The antidote to Rotten Tomatoes’ curated subjectivity.

Meet Must Match – a new personal rating system, based on ratings of other users with exactly the same taste as you.

When we started Must, we set out to not only create a beautiful and smart social experience for movie watchers, but to tackle key industry issues that we all face. It’s been over 120 years since the first motion picture was shown, we went through industrial, scientific, technological and digital revolutions, yet we still rely on same movie assessment methodologies, which are completely out of date and out of touch with a modern-day movie watcher.

An IMDb user rating does not represent individual taste of moviegoers and is prone to being gamed. Rotten Tomatoes’ curated rating continues to show divide between critics and audiences, fueling the debate on its value. All media sources are stuck on the idea that they know best how we should see a movie. They don’t.

It is why we developed a brand new rating system in which everyone receives a truly personal rating. Must compares your reviews and ratings to other users and, in coming up with a rating, takes into account only those users who have rated the same set of content the same way, or as close to you as possible, making the rating as individual and as tailored to your taste as possible.

In other words, the score that you see under Must Match represents the most accurate assessment of how you are likely to enjoy a movie or a series.

Backed by machine learning and AI, a number of additional variables are taken into consideration as well, furthering the precision of an individual rating. The algorithms that help us in this task are being improved all the time. The more movies you watch, rate and review, the more accurate they become.

Must Match is everything a movie rating should be going forward. We are extremely excited and proud to be the first to challenge the impersonal, vague and subjective rating systems of yesterday.

Go ahead, explore and enjoy your personal Must Match starting today!

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