February 27, 2019

A quick start guide for new users

If you are new to Must, things may get a little overwhelming at first, especially with so many beautiful movie posters around. To make it super easy to figure out, we’ve designed a quick Get Started guide.

To be clear, the Get Started guide is only going to be visible to those just joining the community and existing members who joined but did not build up their profile yet.

In order to take full advantage of the app, you need to tell Must what movies and series you’ve watched or want to watch. The app then does its magic and builds a custom-tailored experience just for you, providing recommendations of content it knows you’ll enjoy. The more movies and shows you rate, the more it knows what to recommend and what to skip.

The Get Started guide will help you do just that: showcase app’s core functionality, follow your friends and personalize your movie experience.

We hope that you’ll enjoy this light beginner’s challenge and learn Must in the process, making it more social and fun to use.