March 4, 2017


Hi everyone! πŸ––

Today is a big day in the life of our product. We are announcing Persons. This feature allows you to find any actor or director using Plus (+), become a fan (just like) and see all the movies the person is linked to.

First of all, basically everyone wanted this. Everyone was tapping on the actors' avatars and featured names and nothing happened. "Whyyyyy??? 😭", you cried out and you were right. We stopped and decided that the time has come.

Secondly, it's fucking beautiful. All b&w portraits are so aesthetically pleasant to look at. Have a peek yourself at how amazing it is to interact with this section. Although not all the pictures support retina and not all the pages have actor descriptions yet, we are working on it.

Thirdly, it's convenient. You like Brad Pitt or Christopher Nolan? But are you sure you've seen all their movies? Now it can be checked. All the persons' pages have your personal counter. Also, you can see which friends of yours are fans of this person. By the way, in one click you can see all the fans of a certain person.

Go and comment in our Facebook group with your ideas and suggestions. What is lacking, what needs to be approved? Go criticize us or compliment us, if you wish.