May 15, 2017

Watched. Share. Repeat

Hello, Mustappers! Today it's time to talk about sharing. Since the very beginning, we always tried to make it easy to share your reviews across the web. You can easily copy a link to any of your reviews, and open clean and beautiful web-version of your post in a browser, or send it to your friend, or share it on Facebook or messengers. But now you can do even more.

First of all, we improved Facebook export and added Instagram support, so now you can post your reviews to your photo feed with beautiful, aesthetic, minimal images.

The second improvement, which is also one of our favourite features ever — export for Stories. Click on Stories button on a sharing panel, and app will save image, which can be easily posted to the stories you prefer: Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Messenger Stories, Facebook Stories, Whatsapp Stories, and even Excel Stories.

Have fun!