Share Movies, Series or Collections and transfer your movie library

Share Movies, Series or Collections

Sharing is caring! With the latest app update we made it easy and intuitive to share a movie, a series or a collection with anyone.

The grey colored “Share” button, which looks like an arrow, is now conveniently located at the top of the screen, next to the title of a movie/series or a collection.

No longer do you need to text, screenshot or spell a movie to a friend. Send them straight to it with a single click.

For example, Oscars 2019 Nominees —

Transfer your movie library from IMDb, Letterboxd or Kinopoisk

Many of you have asked us to bring the ability to transfer your collection of films and shows from IMDb, Letterboxd and Kinopoisk.

If you maintained a list with any of these services, you can now import your library to Must.

If you are a new user of Must, you’ll see the link to instructions directly on your profile page. If you are an existing member with an active collection, you’ll find the link under personal Settings.

Keep in mind that your ratings will also be saved in the process.

We can’t wait to see your updated collections on Must. Happy migrating!

February 13, 2019

Connect with friends and discover new members

The “Add Friends” feature has gone through an overhaul.

It is now easier and more fun to find your friends and explore new members to follow. We have categorized members by gender, as well as provided a dedicated tab to view and search among friends that you already follow.

To get there, tap the little gray person icon in the top left corner of the home screen.

Once on the search page, explore other Must members by gender, or click “Contacts” to see those you are already connected with. If you are looking for someone specifically, you can narrow the search by choosing the proper filter.

Apart from the improved search capability, new friends of yours that join Must will always be displayed first upon visiting the “Add Friends” page.

We are really excited to continue connecting people that love watching movies and series, engaging in conversation, forming stronger ties and discovering great entertainment in the process.

Stick around as we have even more fantastic new features on the way!

January 30, 2019

Must gets Siri-enabled with iOS 12

Along with the release of Apple’s new iOS 12, we are making Siri a part of your Must experience. Ask Siri for a movie suggestion and it will deliver a Must-recommended one tailored to your personal taste.

The cool thing about the new Siri Shortcuts functionality is that it now allows you to setup your own command when asking for a movie suggestion. For example, you can record something like 'It’s movie time', 'Time for a good movie' or even 'What’s the best movie for me to watch' as your personalized phrase, which in turn tells Must to offer you a recommendation.

Apart from a film recommendation itself, you’ll also see your personal Must Match score and your friends’ ratings.

September 17, 2018

It’s time for TV Shows

Hello, Movie and Series fans! We are glad to introduce you TV Shows!

When Mustapp was launched, we concentrated our attention on movies. Now it’s time to bring in more TV Shows. Welcome our current update.

Track the series you're watching

Now Mustapp users have a possibility to mark episodes and track their progress in a TV Shows card. Also you can mark all episodes of the season as watched and add your mark for each one season watched. We know that often for some reason people forget which episode of a TV Show they left off on. Now you always see which episode is next in your list. The TV show will receive a new status — Watching, and a new indicator which represents your progress for each series.

TV Shows are systematised

Forget about tons of posters in Search. Now you will find only one card of a TV Show where you’ll see all episodes with premiere dates carefully organised by seasons.

All Series are in one place

All Mustapp users now have a fourth section in their profiles. In TV Shows you can see all your series and track what series your friends are watching now or have already watched.

Welcome our new widget

Say hello to our brand new widget TV Shows. Here we present exciting series and fresh seasons of popular TV Shows that were recently released, are on air now, or will come soon. Check it out right now!

This update is only the first step towards improving TV Shows functionality. We want to make Mustapp a universal assistant for Movies and TV Shows and that’s what we are striving to achieve in future updates. The new update is available in the App Store right now. Stay tuned with Mustapp.

October 19, 2017


Today is a great day to present Filters, our new feature. In this article we would like to share its most useful properties and to point out how to get the most of movie lists.

From 10 to 1 Stars

Check out which movies your friends rated with 10 or 9 stars. When sorted “From 10 to 1”, Must App will bring up the movies with the highest rate. If you click the “Hide Watched” option, we will hide the movies you already watched.

Similar Wants Only

Find out which movies you want to see with your friend(s). Here’s how you can do it: go on to their profile, turn on the Want list and choose the “Similar Wants Only” filter. Bam! Now you just need to buy a ticket and invite them to a movie theatre 😚

Hide Unreleased & Sort by Release Date

By default the movies in your collection are sorted by the date they were added, but it’s not a very convenient way for the Want list. On the top of the list you’d prefer to see new movie releases, and you’d want to hide the films that will only be in theatres in a couple of years. Now you can easily set it up using filters, and your changes will be permanently saved.

Show Streaming Available Only

We refresh movie collections frequently (okay, at least now we do), and people often tell us that it’s complicated to figure out which of the movies you can watch right now. With the “Streaming Available” filter the app will show you only the movies you can buy in iTunes store right away (we’ll add more streaming platforms later on).

That’s not all our filters can do; we also have the IMDb ranking filter, the filter of most anticipated movies, filter by date added, the “Hide the Watched” filter, and many others. We’ll gradually add new options of filters and eliminate the ones least used. Give us your feedback on Telegram or Facebook — we do read all of it, we promise.

August 8, 2017
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